1:1 Super Clone Hublot Unico Sky Blue Ceramic Watch

Previously, I showcased a Hublot Square Bang replica watch on my blog. Today, I’m excited to present another exceptional timepiece from the BB factory: a striking Hublot Unico replica watch. BB factory, formerly known for their ZF line, has established a reputation for crafting top-notch Hublot Unico replicas. Interestingly, this latest promotion of the sky blue Hublot replica watch doesn’t bear the ZF branding, indicating that BB factory’s craftsmanship speaks for itself, garnering recognition independently.

Crafted from ceramic material, this replica Hublot Unico watch boasts a stunning sky blue hue, adding to its allure. BB factory had previously released five models in red, yellow, white, blue, and black. However, this new addition in sky blue promises to captivate enthusiasts with its unique color palette.

The premium pricing of this replica by BB factory reflects its sky blue ceramic case, measuring 44mm in diameter and 17mm in thickness. Despite its substantial size, owing to the Asia Valjoux 7750 movement, reducing the case thickness poses a challenge. Moreover, the sandwiched case construction complicates replication, impacting water resistance. Hence, it’s advisable not to wear this replica while swimming. Nonetheless, given the scarcity of genuine models, the likelihood of encountering someone with the authentic version is minimal.

Beneath the sapphire crystal, a skeleton dial showcases intricate machine parts of the movement. The sky blue backdrop of the small dial at 3 o’clock complements the case color. While this replica offers remarkable accuracy as a super clone, meticulous enthusiasts may discern disparities upon comparison with a genuine piece. Despite the skeletonized dial design, legibility remains uncompromised, facilitating easy timekeeping.

Functionality-wise, this replica features a working chronograph, albeit it’s advisable to refrain from frequent operation of the chrono buttons. The transparent case back reveals a Chinese chronograph movement, adorned with Hublot decorations atop the base movement. However, the addition of the movement plate contributes to the watch’s increased thickness.

Finally, the rubber band of the replica boasts superior quality, exuding a soft yet durable texture, devoid of any unpleasant odors. Typically, acquiring a rubber band of such caliber would entail significant expenditure, making it a noteworthy inclusion in this replica timepiece.

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