HB Factory 1:1 Fake Hublot Big Bang Rose Gold Watch Review

V6 factory has remained closed for several months, and it remains uncertain whether they will resume operations within the current year or in the upcoming year, 2022. Similar to the lack of updates on Noob and VS, it is unclear if these factories will re-enter the watchmaking business. There is a possibility that they may not return at all. Fortunately, other watch manufacturers have stepped in to fill the void and are performing exceptionally well in their roles.

For instance, Clean has emerged as a leading producer of Submariner and Datejust replicas, offering the best in quality. HB factory has taken over from HBB V6 and is now manufacturing high-quality replicas of Hublot watches. Unfortunately, the closure of the VS factory has left a gap in the market for top-quality replicas of Panerai watches with automatic movement, and as of now, there are no alternatives of comparable quality.

I’d like to share information about a commendable replica Hublot Big Bang watch produced by HB factory. Prior to this, many individuals were primarily acquainted with ordering Hublot watches from V6 factory, and HB factory wasn’t widely recognized. However, with the closure of V6, several lesser-known factories have emerged in the market, and HB is among them.

The aesthetic appeal of this Hublot is striking, featuring a rose gold case complemented by a white rubber band, creating a visually impactful color combination. Both the case and bezel showcase a rich rose gold tone, enhanced by the stainless steel H-shaped screws characteristic of Hublot. The transparent sapphire crystal back allows a view of the movement, specifically an Asia 7750 chronograph. It’s worth noting that this is a fundamental Chinese chronograph movement, and interestingly, HB factory has opted not to add an additional plate on top, omitting the engravings of “HUB4100.” However, the automatic rotor is adorned with decorative elements.

The standout feature for me on this watch is its white rubber band. While I initially believed that a black rubber strap was the optimal choice for a rose gold Hublot, the presence of the white rubber band on this particular model transforms it into a highly suitable timepiece for ladies.

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