Replica Hublot Classic Fusion 511.NX.7070.LR Titanium Blue with Clone HUB1112 Automatic

The Classic Fusion is a well-loved series from Hublot, renowned for its use of fusion materials. Another significant feature is that Classic Fusion watches have a thinner case compared to other Hublot watches. The replica watch I’m introducing features a blue theme of the Hublot Classic Fusion, with the reference 511.NX.7070.LR. Manufactured by JJ factory, it uses a clone of the HUB1112 movement, based on either the SW300 or the Swiss ETA 2892. Despite being a clone, the replica Hublot offers a power reserve of 41 hours. The SW300’s structure closely resembles the ETA 2892, and JJ factory has refined and cloned the ETA 2892 to mirror the original HUB1112. Features such as Geneva Stripes, polishing, Hublot LOGO, Seal like HUB11, SWISS, and TWENTY-FIVE 25 JEWELS are all made to match the genuine movement. While the lettering might be slightly larger, it is difficult to distinguish, even for an expert.

Hublot watches have a distinctive shape, with this Classic Fusion model measuring 42mm in diameter, including the crown. The thickness is almost identical to the genuine watch, which is 9.8mm, while the replica is 9.85mm. The case is crafted from brushed Titanium, and the bezel’s round edge is polished to a mirror finish. The case back is impressively replicated; it’s challenging to differentiate the replica from the genuine watch when placed side by side. The Titanium back is brushed and features accurate engravings with the same font size as the original. After testing, the crown and tube can be interchanged with genuine parts.

The dial is blue, paired with silver hour markers and slender hands, giving it an elegant appearance. The brushed metal face has radiating patterns, adding to its cool aesthetic. The three-dimensional hour markers and the hour and minute hands each have multiple cut faces, creating a striking visual effect.

The watch comes with a pair of blue leather bands. The exterior is made from genuine leather, while the interior is lined with waterproof blue rubber. The rubber on the backside touches your wrist, providing exceptional softness and comfort.

I am fond of this replica Hublot watch, not just because of its advanced materials and reliable Swiss movement, but primarily because of its classic and harmonious blue color, as well as its simple design. With its thin case and practical functions, it is perfect for me.

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