Hublot And Takashi Murakami Unveil Unique Rainbow Gemstone Watch

Tonight, at the Glass House in New York City, Hublot continues its new watch adventure with renowned artist Takashi Murakami. Big announcement: 13 unique watches launched. At this event, Hublot and Murakami released only one work: the unique classic fusion Murakami black ceramic rainbow watch. A further 12 models will be officially unveiled at the upcoming Watches & Wonders of Geneva 2023 at the end of March. Many replica watches factories are also rushing to release replicas of new watches.

Hublot launches the Classic Fusion Murakami All Black watch in January 2021, announcing an initial partnership with the Japanese artist. It subsequently released more titles in December 2021 and two NFTs with Takashi Murakami in April 2022. The latest fourth venture brings brands and artists more directly into the world of NFTs. There are also many replicas of these watches in real life.

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