Z Factory Replica Hublot Unico Rose Gold Watch Review

Z Factory, also known as ZF, holds a prominent position in our market as a significant watch manufacturer with an extensive history in watchmaking. With the closure of several old factories like Noob, V6, VS, and JF, ZF has emerged as the largest watch manufacturer in our market. Remarkably, during the 2021 raids, ZF experienced minimal impact, and the continuity of its operations brings positive news for us. This ensures that we can still access top-quality replicas of brands such as IWC, Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 15400, and 15500 from ZF.

However, post-raid, certain ZF-produced watches face stock availability issues. Notably, models like the Royal Oak Extra-thin 15202 and Patek Philippe Nautilus Moon Phase 5712 are frequently out of stock. These specific models, among others, may entail extended waiting periods even when ordered directly from ZF.

Concerning the Replica Patek Philippe Moon Phase 5712, ZF opted to sell it bundled with their Submariner, requiring customers to purchase one of their Submariner watches to obtain the Patek 5712. This arrangement seems peculiar, suggesting a surplus of Submariner watches in their warehouse that aren’t in high demand. The decision to bundle them with the Patek Philippe 5712, without reducing the overall price, has not resulted in improved sales for their Submariner collection.

As 2021 draws to a close and the new year approaches, it is worth noting that in previous years, this period has often been marked by frequent raids. Consequently, many factories have historically opted to temporarily close their stores to avoid falling victim to these raids. I anticipate that a similar scenario may unfold soon.

Today, I would like to introduce a replica Hublot watch, and interestingly, it marks ZF’s initial foray into producing a Hublot replica. Historically, the leading replicas of Hublot watches were crafted by the V6 factory. The showcased Hublot timepiece belongs to the Big Bang Unico product line. While Hublot Unico may not be widely popular among watch enthusiasts, I find it intriguing that ZF has invested considerable resources to create this particular Hublot replica.

In my view, it raises the question of why ZF didn’t channel their efforts into producing the best replicas of some fundamental Big Bang models, which are currently in higher demand. As for the Hublot Unico, its distinctive feature lies in the skeletonized dial. The challenge for ZF is whether they can accurately replicate the intricate dial of the authentic Hublot Unico. Personally, I remain skeptical about the feasibility of replicating the genuine Hublot Unico dial with precision.

Incidentally, the Hublot watch in question boasts substantial dimensions, with a diameter of 44mm and a thickness reaching up to 17mm. The sheer size and robustness of this timepiece make it challenging for many individuals to comfortably wear. The dial, characterized by its intricate skeletonized design, serves as a captivating piece of art and is likely the primary appeal for some enthusiasts who favor larger watches.

However, this skeletonized dial also exposes the inherent weaknesses of the Hublot Unico. Managing a watch of such proportions may not be suitable for everyone. The replica Hublot, priced at over 600 USD, signifies a notable investment. In comparison to earlier versions from different manufacturers, ZF has enhanced this replica by updating the movement. This modification brings the watch closer in resemblance to the genuine Hublot 1280 in-house movement.

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