Best Hublot Masterpiece MP-11 Power Reserve 14 Days Manual-Winding Sapphire & 3D Carbon 45mm Replica Watches Review

The Hublot MP-11 Power Reserve 14 Days timepieces are offered in two variations: one with a sapphire crystal case and the other with a 3D carbon case. While technically a revamped version of the MP-09, the MP-11 boasts a fresh aesthetic and movement, showcasing Hublot’s ongoing innovation in long power reserve technology initially introduced in the Hublot Masterpiece MP-05 La Ferrari Replica Watch, renowned for its 50-day power reserve.

Encased within the 45mm wide Big Bang-style cases are interchangeable Hublot straps in black or white, adding versatility to the wearer’s style. With its blend of wearability and striking design, the watch is sure to captivate both watch enthusiasts and mechanical aficionados alike. Limited to just 200 pieces each, the Hublot replica watches offer exclusivity to their owners.

Hublot introduced the unique “3D Carbon” material for the case of the 2018 limited edition Hublot MP-09. Characterized by a smooth yet textured surface reminiscent of carbon fiber but with a matte finish, 3D Carbon strikes a balance between carbon fiber and black ceramic.

Despite its carbon composition, the 3D carbon case is remarkably lightweight. Notably, even in the 3D carbon case version of the MP-11, the side of the case features a sapphire crystal, adding to its appeal.

The MP-11 offers excellent wearability akin to other Swiss Hublot Big Bang 45mm replica watch cases, while its movement provides practicality for daily wear. Unlike its predecessor, the MP-05 La Ferrari, which required an external tool for winding, the MP-11’s manually wound caliber HUB9011 offers convenience for regular wearers.

The movement boasts a substantial 14-day power reserve, equivalent to 336 hours, achieved through seven horizontally stacked coupled barrels visible through the dial. Positioned adjacent to the barrels is an additional drum serving as the power reserve indicator.

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