Hublot Replica Current Top 3

Time to show you guys my current Hublot replica top 3 picks. What I’ve noticed lately, and I hope I’m wrong, is that Hublot replica watches don’t really get so much love like they used to a while back. True, they’re not quite your everyday pieces and because the gens have some truly absurd price tags attached, it is possible that most people don’t think they can pull off the look. Remember though, not everyone is a watch expert, so pulling off the whole Hublot look is actually easier than it seems.

Top 3 replicas of Hublot - Top 3 replicas of the current version
Top 3 replicas of Hublot – Top 3 replicas of the current version

Before showing you guys my picks for this Hublot replica top 3, I want to say a few words about the popularity drop. First and foremost, I think this goes beyond the replica world. Hublot just doesn’t have the reputation it did a while ago. I don’t remember them coming with anything new, maybe except the sapphire Unico (you can find here a nice read on this piece). Some of their watches are truly revolutionary, no doubt about that, but they should really up their marketing game if you ask me.

Secondly, and this is probably the most important aspect to consider, a perfect Hublot replica watch is very hard to find (at a reasonable price at least). Oh, and I’m not talking about a Hublot MP-05 LaFerrari replica here, which is as easy to replicate as a Urwerk or Greubel Forsey double tourbillon, no, I’m talking about relatively normal designs. Let me give you an example. Someone asked me recently about a Hublot Juventus replica. Apparently, Juventus is an Italian soccer team, but nevertheless, really cool black and white design, I have to admit that. Some carbon fiber, skeletonized dial, but nothing that can’t be done considering the experience replica factories have today. I searched for it and nothing even close. I understand the situation because this is really a niche watch, but my point is that a good Hublot clone is not that easy to find.

Hublot Duplicate No.1 – All Black Classic Fusion

Black Hublot classic fusion fake watch Hublot classic fusion black carbon dial
Black Hublot classic fusion fake watch Hublot classic fusion black carbon dial

This baby has, as an original, about 100 variations, meaning about 100 combinations of colors, straps dials and so on. When wearing this Hublot replica watch, the last thing you should worry about is being called out with a fake, just think about it, who really has the time and memory to keep track of them all? I’ll tell you – absolutely no one.

Fake Hublot Classic Fusion Black Dial Hublot Classic Fusion Replica - Side View
Fake Hublot Classic Fusion Black Dial Hublot Classic Fusion Replica – Side View

Truth is that not everybody likes Hublot replica watches. Design aside, they’re quite bulky. This is where the Classic Fusion fits in really well. It’s much thinner than a Big Bang or a Hublot MP-05 LaFerrari replica, as you can very well see in the picture above. Really cool design and a great daily watch if you’re into all black watches.

Hublot Replica No.2 – Big Bang Tourbillon

I can’t resist big, bulky watches, I definitely have a sweet spot for them and this Hublot replica watch fits in just perfect. I wouldn’t call it an absolute perfect clone, but considering the original costs about 100K, I think it does a pretty darn good job at it. As opposed to the Classic Fusion, this is much bigger by the way.The movement is a Japanese automatic, precise and with a decent power reserve so I can’t really complain about paying around 300$ for a 100K watch. This is a Hublot clone you don’t really want to strut around with, but then again, I don’t imagine many people actually seeing it in person. Just so you know, I’ve gotten many compliments on it over time.

Hublot Replica No.3 – Carbon Big Bang

Funny I didn’t notice by now that all my picks were black. But ultimately, why should I complain, they all look crisp and I think it’s an image we are used to seeing from a Hublot replica watch. I don’t know about you, but I think this baby here really kills it. I like the red accents on the dial that give it such a distinct look, completed by the red stitching on the strap.The case is black plated stainless steel with a carbon fiber pattern and it houses a Japanese quartz movement, so the seconds hand doesn’t really have that sweeping motion, but since it’s small, you can’t really tell unless you take a good look at it. I’ll end my post with the video below, so you can get a better idea of what this Hublot replica is all about.

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