ZF Hublot Unico yellow ceramic watch available

I am fond of the aesthetic of this watch, particularly its stunning color.

Around two weeks ago, ZF released a range of new Replica Hublot Big Bang Unico watches, with this yellow variant being one of them. Initially, I wasn’t drawn to the Hublot Unico series due to its substantial size and thick case, making the entire timepiece feel quite weighty. However, my perspective shifted when I encountered this yellow model a few days ago. I promptly decided to start saving money with the intention of acquiring one in the future.

Until now, I haven’t owned a genuine ceramic watch, with my only timepiece featuring a ceramic bezel being the black sub 116610LN I purchased from VS several years ago. In my collection, I aspire to have a stainless steel watch, a full ceramic watch, and a forged carbon watch. Currently, I possess a stainless steel Submariner.

Previously, I had contemplated purchasing a full ceramic Hublot from V6, but many of my friends already owned the same model. I sought something more distinctive for a while. When I laid eyes on this yellow ceramic Big Bang Unico, I knew I had found my target.

The Hublot Unico stands out as the first watch I’ve encountered featuring a colored ceramic case. With a case diameter of 44mm and a thickness of 17mm, the watch boasts a real yellow ceramic construction for both its case and bezel, with matte blackened screws accentuating the case. Examining the watch from both sides, ZF demonstrates a meticulous focus on the case’s construction finish to ensure optimal water resistance and replicate the original’s 1:1 case accurately.

The case structure employs a layered approach, incorporating various materials seamlessly into a unified whole. Currently, ZF exclusively produces replicas of Hublot Unico models, and the craftsmanship in the case finish for each one is truly commendable. I am hopeful that they will extend their expertise to replicate other Replica Hublot Big Bang watches in the future.

The skeleton dial is truly striking. Firstly, it serves as a high-quality replica of the original watch dial, showcasing intricate machine parts and featuring a silver date wheel prominently on the front. The multi-layered structure of the dial is evident with the inner yellow bezel and two small dials, adding to its visual appeal. The yellow hue employed on the dial seamlessly complements the color of the yellow ceramic case.

Both small dials on the watch serve practical functions. The smaller dial positioned at 9 o’clock is dedicated to small seconds, while the larger one on the right serves as a minute-chronograph display.

The case back features a sleek black metal rim that deviates from ceramic construction. At the center of the case back, there’s a transparent crystal, offering a clear view of the entire movement. The movement is meticulously replicated to mirror the authentic HUB1280, boasting exquisite decorative plates. It stands out as the most impressive Unico movement clone I’ve come across. With numerous discernible components, it’s advised not to shake the movement vigorously.

Presently, only prominent watch factories demonstrate the willingness to invest both time and resources into refining movements. The initial impression of the movement through the transparent back holds significant importance. If your preference is for a clone movement that not only functions correctly but also boasts an aesthetically pleasing appearance, it is advisable to choose from these reputable factories, bearing in mind that their prices may be higher.

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