Hublot Big Bang diamond watch

In my opinion, Hublot and Richard Mille are the two most successful sports watch brands in recent years. Sports enthusiasts always opt for Hublot or Richard Mille, and I desire them too; they are my dream watches. In my view, they hold a much higher status than Rolex, Panerai, and other Swiss watches. However, their prices are exorbitant, and I cannot afford them. I may never be able to purchase one in my lifetime.

Fortunately, replicas of these watches exist, but I do not wish to wear a replica. A cheap replica does not resemble the genuine article, and a high-quality replica Hublot is also quite expensive. While I could buy one, I don’t find it necessary; I prefer wearing my G-Shock.

Today, I am going to introduce a Hublot Big Bang diamond watch replica made by the V6 factory. I like it despite its use of diamonds. Previously, I was not fond of diamond watches, especially diamond Rolexes. However, this Hublot looks unique. Even with two rows of diamonds set in the bezel, it does not appear overly flashy. It suits my style, being understated.

Regarding the replica Hublot, it is a high-quality watch, given that it comes from the reputable V6 factory. Despite the diamonds in the bezel, the price is not high, around 400 USD. My attention is always on the bezel’s diamonds; they are not real but crystals commonly used in replica watches. In our market, we do offer real diamonds on genuine watches, but the price is significantly higher.

The case is made of 316L stainless steel, and the silver case matches perfectly with the white diamonds. Fortunately, the case is not adorned with diamonds, which I would not like. The dial is black with silver bar-shaped hour markers and skeleton hour and minute hands. The small seconds hand runs on the subdial at 9 o’clock, while the other two subdials at 3 o’clock and 6 o’clock function like the genuine ones. In summary, this replica has a fully operational chronograph function.

The straps on the replica are black rubber, made from the finest natural rubber material from Thailand. Personally, I believe a black leather band would be a better choice for this replica. If you prefer, we can custom-make a high-quality alligator leather band, which would perfectly complement your luxury watch.

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