HB Factory Hublot Carbon Fiber Watch Review

Not having received any updates from Noob, VS, and V6 factories, it appears that they are currently in a temporary state of closure. As mentioned in a previous post of mine, the exact timeframe for their resumption of operations remains uncertain. I am hopeful that they will resume business after the upcoming 5.1 holiday, which spans five days. The demand for their products is evident, as many clients have pending orders and are currently unsure where to source watches.

There have been rumors suggesting that upon their return, these factories may operate under different names. This potential change is reportedly driven by the attention their previous names garnered from certain authorities. Despite these uncertainties, my anticipation is that, upon resuming operations, they will continue to provide high-quality replica watches. I have already accumulated a significant number of orders, and I look forward to their future offerings.

Numerous new factories have emerged in our market, and many of them bear names unfamiliar to me. Across various brands, there is a noticeable influx of new watch manufacturers. With Noob, VS, and V6 currently ceasing production, a void has been created, prompting these new entrants to vie for a position in the market. However, I believe that securing a foothold won’t be a straightforward task.

This Hublot timepiece originates from the HB factory, and V6 factory has previously produced a version as well. Constructed entirely from carbon fiber, the case, bezel, and dial showcase the use of authentic carbon material. The watch boasts an impressively lightweight feel, characteristic of genuine carbon fiber. While the texture may not perfectly replicate that of an authentic watch, the replica achieves a high level of fidelity.

The replica exhibits a slightly thicker profile. Indeed, nearly every replica watch equipped with a 7750 chronograph movement tends to be thicker than its genuine counterpart. An exception to this norm is the Daytona from Noob, which stands as the sole replica watch in our market boasting a chronograph movement while being capable of achieving the same case thickness as the authentic version.

The all-black carbon construction lends a distinctly cool appearance to the watch. White luminous material is applied to the hands and hour markers, enhancing dial readability against the backdrop of its full black aesthetic. The transparent crystal back provides a clear view of the movement, featuring a plate engraved with the Hublot logo and HUB 4100. It’s worth noting that the movement is a clone HUB 4100, characterized by simple decoration, as opposed to the more intricately designed Super Clone movements that are independently developed. Interestingly, the price for this Hublot replica is more affordable compared to V6’s offering.

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